Nokia N95 - Adding music

    Hello can anyone help me?

    Im trying to add music with the nokia music manager but when i click transfer it converts about 35% then says "unable to rip track" then cancels all my stuff


    you ripping from a cd?

    Original Poster

    Nope truthfully - downloaded the albums from torrents.

    To be honest I've never used the media manager, like the firmware on the phone I find the rest of nokias software s**t!

    on the odd occasion I've used my cable, windows see's the phone as a removable storage device, so i can just drag and drop the files - just make sure you refresh your music libary when done, so you phone can see the tracks.

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    Do you know which folder I drop it in?

    Sorry its taken so long, i work block this site during working hours cos im on here so much :lol:

    Just put it anywhere under "sounds" when you update your media library your phone will auto detect the filepath.

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    Yeah, found it earlier - Thanks a bunch anyway
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