nokia n95 help!

    hi..not sure wot thread to post this in..just need a little my N95 through the orange /phones 4 u 6mth half price rental deal which i saw on here.... anyhow any1else who got this phone..can they tell me how to get the sat nav working?..just keep gettin no gps signal i need to subscribe?..adjust some settings?.... thanks


    You need to be outside - it wont work inside.

    Goto Tools > GPS data > Position > Options > Sat status - this shows you when you have a lock & can use Sat Nav (3 or more solid black blocks)

    Sat Nav is free, but you need to subscribe if you want the voice guidance commands.

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    thanx chrisuk....... yeah it found signal in me backgarden after bout 5min!..outdoors it b no good in the car then!...bit pointless!..

    Mine works in the conservatory - so the car should be ok

    so do u not have to pay for the sat nav on this then???

    you might need to upgrade the firmware, because the new firmware has the A-GPS which is a lot faster than the standard one, sat nav costs for real time navigation, but a simulation in the exact same format as live navigation is free but your not being tracked, but theres an option called tracking which is free but has no sound and the graphics are very basic, hope this helps.Also the fist time it connects takes alot longer than the rest mine connects within 30 seconds.

    The GPS is free as well as the Sat Nav, but you have to pay £40 odd quid to have the voice commands that guide you (3 year sub I think).

    There is a free one called "AMAZE", but I havent tested it out fully yet.

    The firmware is a bit of an issue at the minute, if your phone is unbranded, you can download version 12.x, the netowrk tied one's are stuck with 11.x for now......
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