nokia n95 on t mobile

    I'm looking for a n95 on t-mobile (to take advantage of their £7.50 web and walk package) and while there's a lot out for vodafone in the forums, there isn't any for t mobile. I'd go with vodafone if it wasn't for their crappy data restrictions (15mb day or 120mb month) and then the crazy crazy £2(!) per mb if you go over.

    12 months and a free phone is preferable



    T-mobile shop could offer you £42.50 per month and £40 for the phone (as they did to me.. 12 or 18 months u choose)

    I went into a three shop the other day and the salesman said that the N95 is currently being tested for use on their network and could be available soon. Of course he could just be getting my hopes up!

    Could be a wrong but aren't three pretty good for their web services?

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    I'd like to use 3 as I've heard good things about the monutes plans and the x-series comes with all the apps like skype etc. On tmobile you have to use fring.

    I have also heard that they are testing n95 too, but they've been doing it for ages and i'm getting a bit sick of waiting :whistling: so I think i'm going to bite the bullet with tmobile and the offer above.

    If nothing better comes up :-D
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