Nokia N95 rotate software help

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Found 27th Feb 2008
Hi ive tried to sign my rotate me software today but symbiansign or something like that appear to have clamped down on plebs like me using it, so im wondering if anyone knows how to sign the application to get it on my phone

cheers guys

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you cannot sign it with out your device certificate (from symbian signed) i have heard they will be back soon but not sure when. i also need a cert but just have to wait

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ve been on symbian signed but it looks like it just official designers only now, is that right?

Ouch, I just logged into symbian signed and it's true, you need to have the right permissions to make a certificate request. I can still download my certificate that I made ages ago though.

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can i borrow your certificate? does that work like that?

You can't 'borrow' a cert, since you were singed up on the SS site you should have a /cer and .key gile, just us them.

If you don't have them save, you're going to have to wait for a soloution.

you could just pay the chap the few quid and he'll sign the app for you....


you could just pay the chap the few quid and he'll sign the app for … you could just pay the chap the few quid and he'll sign the app for you....

I wish :thumbsup: but even though I can log onto the site, I cannot create any more certificates. I can only download the ones I have already made.

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pay who? i donated to the samir guy but he doesnt sign the apps unfortunately

It's **** anyway - you will get annoyed with it

I had it on my phone for 2 days and then removed it......

I have the rotateMe software but to be honest i rarely ever need to use it. Get the lightsaber app, its much more fun :giggle:

it's cool for about 5 mins....i thought samir could sign it? That's pretty **** that symbian have pulled that facility...the cert is phone specific isn't it?

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i have the lightsaber, gets me in bother when im pissed up though its too loud hahahahaha

lol, just put that on, very funny
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