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Found 7th Jun 2007
Hi Guys

Iam looking to get a new contract, paying around £30 per month for around 500 free mins (looking to add family and friends £5 deal to get free calls between 4 vodaphone mobiles)

The only problem is i don't want to pay for the phone.

Any know where you can find this free or even with free gift?



I managed to get a similar deal at phones4u as an upgrade.

The only catch was for the first month I had to take a £50 tariff to get the phone for free. After the first month Vodaphone will not let you downgrade the tariff over the phone, but go in the p4u store & they will do it for you.

When I filled out the contract I had them write about the downgrade on it to make sure. Did not need it in the end, just went into the shop and a quick phone call & I the tariff was updated.

Note: Only issue with an upgrade is they wont offer you the same deals as taking a new contract.

Hope this helps

Original Poster

thanks for that but sadly needs to be a new contract and dont thing you can downgrade until 9 months in (on new contracts anyway)

It is the same with an upgrade, they stop you from downgrading for the first 9 months. Not quite sure how it works but going into phones4u they were able to downgrade mine, after failing to do it myself.

Might be worth popping into your local branch should you be passing and asking.
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