Nokia N97

    I love my phone

    looking for sugestions for the best apps memory cards etc

    rep for the best, please provide links coz I a dummy on google


    Try itunes app store.........need to sell the N97 and buy an iPhone first though :whistling:

    sorry, could not resist :oops:

    try…es/ for apps - you can access it on your mobile too

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    Try itunes app store.........need to sell the N97 and buy an iPhone first … Try itunes app store.........need to sell the N97 and buy an iPhone first thoughsorry, could not resist

    you are so slapped

    Ovi i know about anyway

    both repped

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    This looks good

    yup like it repped

    I have a Nokia 5800 and have found some amazing apps that trumps the functions of nearly any other non Nokia/Symbian phone on the market. Here are some I recommend that will work on the N97:

    1. Fring - This is a messaging client that works with a ton of protocols (Skype, MSN, Aim, Google, ICQ, Last.FM, Twitter, Facebook etc) Also, it is the only client that on any phone that does SKYPE VIDEO CHAT and works a treat!

    2. SymTorrent - Download torrents straight to your phone, works amazingly!

    3. Qik - Record and stream video directly to Qik and Youtube on the fly, through both Wifi and 3G. You can be anywhere (within signal range!) and have your videos streamed straight to the web, have used this before at gigs, brilliant!

    4. BBC iPlayer - works just like all the other clients, quality is decent!

    5. ScummVM - Play all your old emulated scumm games (monkey island, broken sword, beneath a steel sky etc) using your touch screen, great!

    6. JoikuSpot - Not free, but absolutely worth it if you're in a bind and need a net connection. Turns your N97's 3G connection into a WIRELESS HOTSPOT for your laptop, iPod, any wireless device.

    There are more, just haven't come to mind yet, also check out some of the applications that make use of your GPS and Magnometer, like Garmin XT, NDrive, and Sygic. Have fun!!

    1. Fring - [url][/url] or via Ovi store (free)
    2. SymTorrent -…ent (free)
    3. Qik - [url][/url] or via Ovi store (free)
    4. BBC iPlayer - via Ovi store (free)
    5. SCUMMVM - [url][/url] (free)
    6. JoikuSpot - via Ovi Store (paid)

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    Repped and thanks Ill check them out

    any idea on memory cards that are good please

    As long as you get a good 8GB MicroSD that is CLASS 6, you are laughing. They are the fastest you can get for your phone. Saying that, the N97 already has 32gb built in right? Also thanks for the Rep!
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