Nokia N97 Camera Quality

    Has anyone else here had a problem with the picture quality on the Nokia N97?!

    I had an N95 before this and that camera was amazing even at night... But the N97 is very grainy and dark!

    Orange/Nokia have said there isn't a problem with it... but there clearly is!


    I've got to agree with you on this one. I got one in a contract deal, and couldn't believe how bad the quality of the camera was!! I ended up selling it straight away and going for a 5800 and cash in my pocket. :thumbsup:

    I don't think Nokia cameras have been much cop other than the N95.

    Here's what your camera should look like:…php

    photo quality looks good imo


    Here's what your camera should look … Here's what your camera should look like: quality looks good imo

    But in reality when you whip it out of your pocket to get a quick snap of something without it being in a test environment, the results are poor. Reviews like this are great for those who want to frame the shot and change all the settings in the phone for lighting and exposure, but you didn't have to go through all this with the N95, it was great straight out of your pocket!!!

    Compared to even a low MP version of a Sony phone the N97 camera isn't up to expectations for a phone of it's value. And pretty much the rest of the phone is a Nokia 5800 with a flip out keyboard and more memory. Do as I did and get the money and run!!
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