Nokia N97 Mini

    your critique please. the better half fancies it. whats the camera like for day shots? video anygood?


    Cant comment for the mini version but the N97 errr...big version was a pile of poo in general. I had an N95 8gb which was a fantastic piece of kit, with a great camera and was expecting the same again but I can honestly say it's the worst piece of 'new' technology I have ever owned and a real disappointment. The camera seemed to be worse than the N95s too and the pictures always came out blurry, although I don't remember significant problems with the video...sorry to put a downer on it


    I heard they'd sorted a few of the bugs that affected the big version, don't know what though. Also, the took the FM transmitter out to save space.

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    shes got an N95 @ mo and I cant really fault the camera/video quality for a mobile camera. i'll pass the info onto her & let her decide.

    can any of you recommend a phone with decent camera thats on the market at moment?

    Sony errisson Satio has a 12mp camera i think

    I have got a mini n97 and I liked it although it's slow to start up the phone..maybe a minute. Picture quality is ok but again it's slow to capture the photos, probably a delay fo a sec. Video is slight dark but it's not too bad. everything else is great and I think you missus will like it.
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