NOKIA N97 on 3 Unlocking codes finally Available!!!!!! £15

    Guys I am so happy I finally unlock my N97 phone, just in case you were on the same boat as me. I finally got the unlocking code from 3 for my N97.

    £15 and it worked.

    I have tried for 6 months calling 3 and on the Hight street with no luck but today they finally gave me the code.
    The high street always use to say it takes 5 days and around £50 to do it via software.

    The instructions were somthing like this:

    #pw+unlocking code+1

    To type the letter you must use the following:
    p = ***
    w = ****
    + = **

    Hope this helps someone.

    Now I finally will be able to use one of those SIM only good deals that are out here. Any advice? I am thinking about Vodafone, O2 or T-Mobile. Not bother about the minutes, but with internet as cheap as possible.


    gotta be one of the o2 deals with unlimited web bolt on

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    gotta be one of the o2 deals with unlimited web bolt on

    Yes tempted about that one £20 but in the office I can not get 3G from O2 only E whatever that is.

    I think it will have to be Vodafone or maybe T-mobile, at least now I can try the signals with pay as you go sims and go with the one with the best reception.

    This problem I have is that to beat the current Pay as you go deal that I have from 3 is going to be tough.

    I currently get for £10 on PAYG (every 90 days) so about £3.33 a month
    - 600 text messages
    - Unlimited 3 to 3 calls (which to me is useless
    - 150 MB internet
    - Free Skype calls (good at the beggining but do not use it a lot these days)
    - Free MSN messenger (with the 150MB allowance of internet I rather use Palringo)

    And £10 is around 30-40 min of calls

    So to beat this deal is going to be tough, but as I have not good reception at home I must change.
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