NOKIA N97 The GOOD, The BAD and The WEIRD

    Some of us have had the chance to have this phone.
    I would like to know your feedback, reviews, comments, etc but in the following format.

    THE GOOD: The Phone looks superb
    THE BAD: The sofware is not to the level of the phone
    THE WEIRD: Within a few hours of usage the phone crashes and behaves randomly or erratic

    THE BAD: The Firmware installed with the phone is rubbish
    THE GOOD: The new firmware is suppose to fix most of the problems
    THE WEIRD: The new firmware has not been released in the UK yet

    THE GOOD: With the 3 network the Windows Live Messenger is FREE (no need to have internet package)
    THE BAD: You can not use Windows Live Messenger via the WI-FI
    THE WEIRD: If you try to use the Windows Live MSN via WI-FI then the MSN no longer works (only solution is to uninstall and install again)

    THE GOOD: The touchscreen and the keyboard
    THE BAD: Erratic behavior when you slide the phone to use the keyboard
    THE WEIRD: Sometimes the screen does not allign properly from landscape to portrait.

    THE GOOD: The 32GB capacity on the phone
    THE BAD: The internal memory for the phone is only like 30MB + 32GB Mass storage
    THE WEIRD: With so much memory the phone does not seem to handle files over 2GB

    THE GOOD: All the applications that you can use, brilliant for web-browing
    THE BAD: You have to take the baterry out when if freezes nothing else seems to work
    THE WEIRD: If you are patient then you can leave it in a frozen state for a while and then eventually recovers itself.

    This is just a summary of some issues that I have found so far.
    The more I use the phone the more I like it and hate it. Hopefully the new firmware will be released soon in the UK and fix most of these issues.

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    i have made an official N97 thread ]here if you wanted to add your comments to that aswell!

    What you say about the phone is very true though!
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