nokia phone help

    My hubbys mobile has just about had it, as its his birthday in a couple of months I think I'll treat him to a new one.
    He doesn't need or want anything flash, he just uses it for calls really, although a camera and bluetooth would be good.
    It also has to be a nokia, as he's not long since had a nokia car kit fitted.
    If anyone knows anything to fit the bill, let me know! Ta!


    Try Nokia 6300 .. Good phone and not too costly. Try the £30 off £60 spend at marshall ward....

    Though the camera is not very great...

    +1 to that

    just got a new 5800 and have a 6500 classic for sale mint condition no scratches looking for around £60

    couple of good ones here :roll:


    You will get a little basic Nokia 2630, with camera and Bluetooth for £20-£30 from The CPW.... ;-)

    And he will be over the moon with it and very easy to use with great battery life....

    Here you go....…PAY

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