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Found 27th Nov 2009
Would appreciate advice please.

My 6500 phone had a black screen when I picked it up today, no display although phone seems to work otherwise, screen seems dead. It is on contract

Never had mobile insurance. Phone orange tonight, after nearly 40 mins of questions and trying different things on the phone........then says I can have a replacement phone tomorrow......for a fee of £70 !!

Turns out the phone is 2 days off 12months old. Orange only cover it for 6 months, so I am told the only option is return to Nokia.

Do I just have to lump it???????


Are you on a 12 month ot 18 month contract? If it's 12 you should get an upgrade.

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Sadly 2 yr contract


ThanksSadly 2 yr contract

That's a pity. I'd go for the replacement, it will probably end up cheaper than sending it to Nokia. You coukd try a mobile repair shop, but I'd imagine it will be expensive too. Have you looked at the price in Carphonewarehouse on Pay as you go for this phone?

Nokia will fix it for free inside 12 months


Nokia will fix it for free inside 12 months

lol helpful :w00t:


Actually 2 … Actually 2 years


have you not got a mobile repair stall shop near that can do it for a few quid
either that or just keep hassling orange i;m sure they will fix it eventually or play dumb go into the orange shop and they might fix it for you

id contact Nokia, my fellas Nokia went faulty over 12 months old and they told me where my nearest service centre was... gave me the option of sending it there or taking it myself... as it was only 15 mins away i took it myself dropped it off and was told itd be fixed within 7 days if it was fixable, got a call 2 days later to collect it... all fixed! Im sure they told me at the service centre that it was now a standard 2 year warranty on all new phones (new as in recent new out) hth

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Whoa, brilliant as ever guys.

Orange totally useless. Now deny discussing delivery times before asking for £70. It is an Orange branded phone, not that this seems to make any difference. :x

You are right, Nokia will cover it for the 2 yrs (again, wrong info from Orange) and looks like they will do the repair free of charge as well. Someone has PM'd me with the Nokia number to find out nearest CPWarehouse shop that do the Nokia repairs there and then. :-D

Thanks for the offer to buy another phone......whole point is I don't want to shell out £60-70 when I don't need to! :whistling:…nty

If you look on the right side of the page nokia care points and select your city, they should repair it for free in a couple of days. I've had few problem with nokia phones before no hassle at all. Plus its FREE in warranty
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