Nokia warns of overheating battery BL-5C( free replacement)

    Nokia is urging phone owners to watch out for overheating batteries after receiving 100 customer complaints.

    The BL-5C batteries made by Japanese firm Matsushita short-circuited and overheated while charging. This made the batteries dislodge from the handsets but did not cause injuries or property damage, the Helsinki-based mobile phone firm said.

    The warning affects the 46 million Nokia batteries made by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006. Nokia could not say how many were in use in the UK. It has received around 100 complaints globally about the batteries overheating.

    Concerned owners should contact Nokia via its website or call centre for a free replacement, the firm said.

    Nokia's director of communications for mobile phones, Marianne Holmlund, said the firm was not recalling all the BL-5C batteries.

    "The battery is damaged, it pops out and then of course the battery is unusable. I assume that also when this happens this has an impact on the phone itself as well," she said.

    "We are saying 'watch out', and if you are interested in changing the battery we offer that possibility free of charge."

    Around 300 million BL-5C batteries are in use in Nokia products worldwide, of which some 46 million were made by Matsushita during the affected period.

    The Nokia-branded BL-5C batteries have a 26 character identification number on one end which will tell customers if they were made by Matsushita during the affected period.

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