EXPIRED a Walkman???

    Can anybody give me a hand with finding out which Nokia phone is like a Walkman? I know Sony Ericsson do one(She says not very confidently) but my daughter (who wants it as a birthday pressie) doesn't want one of these. It HAS to be a Nokia.:roll:

    There is a new Nokia N95 coming out which she ISN'T having because its nearly £500 when it arrives but which model has a good reputation or which model do people suggest??:thinking:

    I thank you in anticipation of all your helpful comments x x x:)


    The nokia 5300 is a music speciality phone - details here…430 don't know if it has a good rep but i have seen a couple of adverts for it....

    Nokia n91 is the best music mobile phone on the market. But it's "slightly" on the big side. Have a look at Nokia 5200/5300 - they are quite good for music and much smaller.

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    Thanks for this guys. Will have a look x
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