nokla n95 not nokia

    anyone tried one of these in uk,hows battery?does it work sim free




    Ive had an Nokia N95, some people like it some people dont let me tell you my experience:

    Got it charged for 48 hours
    Turned phone on load time 2 minutes
    Another 30 seconds to become ready for use

    Now they packet so many features into Nokia N95 the phone is so slow there is not enough ram

    The only way the phone will become better is with firmware fixes

    i have one, love the camera..... hate the phone!

    always freezing, crashing and switching itself off, and the occasional time when I call someone and the mic doesnt work, i hear them but they cant hear anything.

    but theres no other real good alternatives at the mo, im hoping the i-phone will be as good as it is hyped up to be. if not then I may go back to SE P-Series

    No crashes so far. Takes 24 secs to boot and is fully ready to use/make calls 6 seconds later.
    Battery now lasting about 3 days as I'm not faffing around with it quite so much.

    you know of any decent software, i've run out of apps to play with during work hours lol

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    not nokIa but nokLia 2 different phones nokla china import but has touchscreen,wondered if anyone tried that one.

    Have read a lot about it, have heard it's terrible - poor screen, bad camera, very poor build quality, rubbish OS - nothing like the real thing in any way apart from looks!

    Here is some more info on it!…tml

    Basically, NokLa N95 is a copy of NokIa N95 :?
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