Non Camera Mobile Phone Wanted With Bluetooth


    I manage the mobile phone contract for my office and a couple of the guys arent allowed mobile phones with cameras on certain sites that they work on for security reasons. In the past I have got Nokia 3109 phones from Vodafone, these were great as they had no camera, but they were quite a good phone, in that the 2 requirements of the users were still met, these requirements are that the phone has Bluetooth and that it can sync with MS Outlook.

    However, Vodafone no longer sell this phone, and neither do many other companies, so I was wondering if anyone new a phone with the following requirements at around the £60 or lower price tag (must be unlocked or on Vodafone, and in stock as I need them urgently)

    - Must not have a camera
    - Must have Bluetooth
    - Must be able to sync with MS Outlook...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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    You can check here

    cheers mate, rep left

    Nokia 6021
    basic but never ending battery life, bluetooth, undestructable
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