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Found 1st Sep 2017
I run competitions for a small camera club. We really need a new laptop but when I look around all the decent deals I see are for gaming laptops with gfx cards that are a bit high specced for our needs.

We would like probably

250gb or higher SSD
~8gb Ram so we don't get too many embarrassing slow downs
VGA port is easiest but our projector has a DVI-D connector so any digital output that can use a converter to DVI-D should work.
GFX card that can output 1400x1050 res

We do not normally use Lightroom / Photoshop on the club laptop but it would be good if it can run them at a decent speed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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What, specifically, do you use the laptop for?
Viewing images for competitions :P Occasional use of Lightroom / Photoshop. Playing the presentations of visiting Lecturers.

The main problem is the current laptop is slow as feck, it is an old Dell celeron and we want to try and buy decent one this time so when the computer crashes or accidentally shuts down it doesn't take 15 mins to get everything back up and running again.
Try the Dell Outlet…ter
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What sort of budget do you have?
Try as they have brand new, ex display, refurbished and 2nd hand.
Budget is around £5-600
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