Non-mint toothpaste, ideally citrus flavour

    My son hates the taste of mint so it is an ongoing battle to get him to clean his teeth. Someone mentioned that it is possible to get citrus flavoured toothpaste but I have not found it anywhere.

    Has anyone seen it on their travels? I am happy to buy online or instore.

    Thanks in advance.


    I have the exact same issue and tend to use childrens strawberry flavoured which you can get in supermarkets. Dentist says its ok for me to use

    they do blackcurrant and bubble gum flavour as well - tesco - asda

    oral B Toothpaste - stage 2 3-4 years 75ML:thumbsup:

    £1.33 per 100ml
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    Further Description Berry bubble flavour, 75 ml, Winnie the Pooh. Lower fluoride than adult paste.
    Packaging Tube
    Pack Size 75 ml

    Boots. Check in the baby section, they do a few flavours - the only issue I have is getting my son to actually brush his teeth and not just suck the toothpaste off his brush!

    show him a picture of a really awful looking person with no teeth / black teeth (im sure you know what i mean) and tell him thats what he will look like if he doesnt brush them!

    sainsburys do a berry flavour

    Someone at works daughter just used water, the dentist told her that its not much different than using toothpaste as the brushing does most of the work.

    Superdrug do flavoured ones too

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your replies, I will go and see what I can find in superdrug and sainsburys. I had wondered whether he could use the toothpaste for little kids, thats what he used when he was little but I just thought it wasn't any good for 'big' teeth.

    Punch and Judy do an orange flavoured toothpaste. It has the same amount of fluoride as adult toothpaste, so would be OK for bigger children. It's sold in places like Bodycare and Wilkinsons.

    I have always used this toothpaste made by Green People on my 8 year son and 2 year old daughter, they both love it and it isn't a strong taste....…spx

    Some health shops stock it otherwise there are lots of places online sell it, hope this helps :thumbsup:
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