Non-Shiny Laptops?

    After visiting the local shops and seeing the latest laptops on offer, if anyone could name a few laptop make/models that DONT have shiny glass effect screens and shiny plastic casing? I think they look horrid, and reflect too much light which is distracting, also the shiny plastic casing is dust & fingerprint magnets. I dont want to clean one every day!

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 atm, the new inspiron in currys had the awful glass, and shiny plastic. blurrgh. Are all Dells laptops like this now? Its not something you can tell buying online....


    It is something you can tell - just read in the description, and most manufacturers should have some sort of a marketing term to denote a glossy screen. Dell call them True Life screens (possibly spelled trulife, or something marketingie like that), others will call them various things, but a quick google should reveal whether it's a matte or a glossy. Afaik, matte screens are pretty much the exclusive reserve of business oriented laptops these days though, and your best bet is probably Dell's Vostro line.

    Dell laptops bought from their website usually give you the option to choose between glossy and matt.

    Toshiba Tecra busienss laptops. Lenovo Thinkpads (X & T Series) tend to all come with matt screens.

    Consumer laptops basically come with with pretty looking shaving mirrors as screens and work laptops with matt finished/non reflective ones.
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