Non Smart Phone - Nokia 6300?

Posted 4th Dec 2023
Would you recommend this version for a pre teen to allow calling and texting only?

I know some phones still have internet access which I'd want to disable. Thanks for any insights.

P.s. Years ago I brought a smarty sim for elderly parents which actually has been really good, but wondering if there's anything better now, like an add on to my EE contract or something so I can keep it all central? I'm playing catch up with tech..
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    You can get a few dumb phones with what's app which would be better option. I wouldn't recommend it though. Knowing school kids. It's a target for kids to bully. Maybe year 7/8 would be okay with dumb phone after that, not.
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    Yeah the Nokia 6300 Refresh they were asking about is one of these 'Smart Feature Phones' with KaiOS meaning it comes with WhatsApp and Facebook, and the ability to download many other apps from the store.

    It's the same reason why I was suggesting the basic Nokia 105/110 models which are designed for call/text rather than being online as per OP's requirements. Alcatel/TCL are another brand worth looking at for cheap and basic phones imo.

    I would personally advise to stick to the basic phones for now until OP decides their son/daughter is ready for a smartphone and then get them a true smartphone. A KaiOS Device isn't worth getting especially if you're going to keep it offline anyways. You then just unnecessarily suffer the software bugs, shorter battery life and other such niggles without enjoying any of the benefits that come with it (internet access and apps)
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    Nokia 105 4G for £11.50 at Argos. Deal posted earlier today by .
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    Yeah, this one and stick a lyca or lebara sim into it. 49p to 99p a month.
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    If you don’t want them to have internet access don’t waste your money on something like the 6300 refresh. You’re paying for the smart features which it doesn’t sound like will be used.

    You just need a cheap phone. If you like Nokia then the 105 or 110 will do. They’re always going cheap at the likes of Argos.

    If you want EE signal then 1p mobile do £36 for a year of unlimited calls and texts. Otherwise if you’re open to other networks and they won’t be using it much then O2 Classic PAYG is 3p a minute snd 2p a text.

    EE Contracts are expensive even to add on. And not worth it especially if you don’t want any data. Smarty is owned by Three - meaning you’ll need a 4G phone (not all basic phones are. Many still use 2G, including some versions of the new 6300) as they don’t have a 2G network and 3G is being switched off now. And again, you’ll be paying quite a lot more per month than other companies as you’re paying for lots of data that won’t get used.
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    Thank you very much for sharing, it's very helpful!
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    Can I get any of these sims off the High Street to test out phone signal? My EE signal is rubbish and I have to turn on wifi calling, so would rather not have a contract until I've tested the signal out for a few days..
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    If EE signal is no good for you, then you need Lebara. Lebara uses Vodafone. I haven't seen them advertised in the shop windows like Lyca, so I don't know if you can get them in the shop.

    Search on the deal section for Lebara if Vodafone is ok for you, or get a free Vodafone PAYG SIM to test the signal. Lebara is PAYG, so you only lose 49p if it doesn't work as you don't have to renew the next month.
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