Found 16th Jan 2010
Well, i have a crazy good deal i want to post, but the thing comes from china. The last time i posted it it was removed for not being UK (although UK delivery is free from them). Now i see deals from Dealextreme which is another chinese site being posted, so now i am wondering if am allowed to post my deal now?

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I see no problems as long as the retailer is good (more so as it is coming from China). Deals from Amazon US have been posted before. So I guess it should be allowed.

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Ok, i will repost and see what happens!

Good luck.


Any NonUK sites that have been pre-approved by Admin will already have an existing HUKD merchant so you can search for other deals for them.

If there is no existing merchant then they will normally fall under the following remit :

Please note, we do not allow: 1. Referrals 2. 3rd party affiliate … Please note, we do not allow: 1. Referrals 2. 3rd party affiliate links 3. Amazon MarketPlace/PlayTrade deals 4. eBay auctions/eBay based sellers 5. Self promotion of any kind 6. Spam 7. Non UK sites (except those pre-approved by Admin) 8. UK Sole Traders/Individuals

There will be some exceptions eg if they are a big well known established manufacturer / retailer outside of the UK then the listing may be approved.

Unfortunately the website you listed has no registration information listed & is advertising ' drop shipping' with a Hong Kong & USA address quoted on their website so does not meet current HUKD merchant criteria.

I will ask Admin to review that retailer further though, but your post will remain spammed until approved.

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Please do as this is a stonking deal.

what was the deal?
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