Noob bank transfer question.

    I see loads of people paying on here by BT, my question is, how does this work?

    I am obviously concerned about giving away my bank details incase my balance is withdrawn, but im guessing there should be safeguards in place to prevent this.

    Exactly HOW safe IS Bank Transfer, and how long do the funds take to show on your account?


    Everytime you write a cheque you give away your bank details!

    Not sure if it's 100% safe but time depends on working days usually 3

    are you 14 or something?

    extremely safe, id prefer it over cash in hand tbh, saves me time.

    How about we do a test then about I give you my bank transfer whopping great loads of cash into my account....and I will tell you if its worked or not? okay? you good with that?

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