Nord VPN on Mac

Posted 28th Jun
I was using Nord VPN on my MacBook Pro Mid 2015 which was running MacOS Mojave. Whenever I was using it, my laptop was over heating and the fans were on max RPM. I spoke to support and they told me to use the IKE version instead. I did this however, I was getting the same issue. I looked at Activity Monitor and found that com.nordvpn.osx.helper was using 116.27GB of memory but I only had 16GB? This was because it was also using my virtual memory. I immediately uninstalled the software and spoke to Nord regarding the issue and they refused to acknowledge the issue even though I had screenshots. After this, my laptop kept on heating up and there was weird activity going on with my MacBook. For example, Skype Helper and Google Chrome Helper were using around 70% of my CPU? I spoke to Apple and they said there were problems with my hardware and that as I was out of the warranty period, I would have to pay for the fixes. The amount I had to pay was nearly half the value of the laptop so I had no choice but to purchase a new MacBook. When speaking to Nord support about this, they were adamant there was nothing wrong and refused to even refund me. I purchased a MacBook Pro 2017 and started using that and I thought maybe there was just an issue with the previous laptop I mean, it was quite old. I installed Nord and bang, the same issue occurred. I then contacted Nord again and explained the issue however, they only gave me $20 (around £17) compensation... I again uninstalled the program and went back to Apple, they agreed that there was again some sort of issue with my laptop and they took it in for repair. The service by Nord VPN was absolutely shocking. They took days to reply, they refused to acknowledge any issue, they said that they would release an update however there have been multiple and none of them have fixed the issue. I am forced to use Nord VPN as they have the most amount of servers however I will be switching to Express VPN. This was shocking customer service and a shocking issue from such a big firm. Not even a full refund? Crazy. If you have any advice for me please let me know.
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If you're planning to switch i recommend proton vpn for privacy and they have pretty decent support and are good at fixing bugs as theyre open source on github!
" I had no choice but to purchase a new MacBook..." is one of the strangest comments I have seen for some time.
"I installed Nord and bang, the same issue occurred..." moves beyond strange and becomes tragic.
Maybe if you are within 14 days of an off-premises purchase you could return the premium device for full refund and buy an alternative device that is less problematic?
If you don’t need all the added extras of the branded vpn apps, just use TunnelBlick
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