NordVPN on the Nvidia Shield

Found 3rd Dec 2017
I’ve just taken out the good deal that was on for NordVPN and I’m trying to use it on my Nvidia Shield, (I can’t remember if it is a 2015 or 2016 version, time flies), and they don’t actually do a version of NordVPN specifically for the Shield, as in I can’t find it in the google play store and after an email to them they said as such.

So a google search found this link but it’s a cruddy interface as, unless it’s me, you have to import each configuration file separately and there’s not a ‘front end’ or decent ‘gui’ on it, like there is in Windows or Linux, and as such I’m wondering if anyone else on here as had this problem and found a workaround that I’ve missed somewhere.

NordVPN say to do this Sideload apps which I don’t think would also give the full GUI that Windows or Linux, etc get, (I haven’t tried this method yet and will later today).

Thanks for any help given.

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I’m sure nordvpn have an Android app can you not sideload that
I have NordVPN on my nvidea shield tablet, very easy to use and quick to connect
Sorry I haven’t got back on this thread, been off colour a bit.

Dannyrobbo, from what I’ve read the Android app is just for a phone and it ends up squished and squashed vertically and makes it extremely difficult, almost impossible, according to some links out there to use on the Shield.

MT2045, I’d like to know what you use please on your Shield with NordVPN, as I’m not much good at following instructions, unless they’re the idiot kind, I’m that idiot out there 🤪

Thanks to anyone and everyone else who read and pm’d me.

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