Normal Distribution Question help

    Anyone out there with some Maths, well statistics, knowledge?

    I've got my exam coming up this week and wondered if anyone could have a glance at this question for me, or one small part of it anyway.

    Φ(A) = 0.8

    Φ(B) = 0.7

    Where Φ is the Phi function and 0.8 and 0.7 are both probabilities found using the "cumulative density function of the normal distribution"

    I need to find A and B

    I have used the "Inverse Normal Function" table found in Neave's Statistics Tables. The answers do a different way. It then goes on to work out mean and s.d. for which I get very very similar answers.

    But I think I've done it the correct way and have more accurate answers.

    If anyone could work out A and B for me I would greatly appreciate it. This is where our methods differ and I'll know if my way is correct.

    Many thanks




    A = 1st letter of the alphabet

    B = 2nd letter of the alphabet

    No problem.

    Original Poster

    Sensible answers please ;-)

    I need to pass this module to carry on my degree next year and I don't think she'd appreciate putting that haha!!
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