Posted 31st Dec 2020
Does anybody know what a normal / acceptable temperature is for a Ryzen 5 3600X CPU?

I bought my son a gaming PC for Christmas. It has a Ryzen 5 3600X CPU. It's on a MSI B550M Bazooka motherboard. It uses a RTX 2060 graphics card, and it has a 650W Bronze power supply. The CPU runs very hot when my son uses it for an extended period for gaming. I installed an app to measure the CPU temperature. When he's just watching Netflix it runs at about 75 degrees C, but when he's playing games it goes up to about 90 degrees C.

I checked the AMD website, which says it's OK up to temperatures of 95 degrees C. My son's is getting very close to that. Should I be concerned that it's running so close to the maximum temperature?

It's in a CiT Raider case, and it was all put together by AWD-IT, where I bought this machine. It has 3 front and one rear fan. It doesn't have any 2.5" or 3.5" SSD's or HDD's blocking the airflow, it just has two m.2 SSD's. There is no DVD drive blocking the airflow either. It's not on the floor or in a cupboard. It's on top of my son's desk underneath his bunk bed. There is a shelf above it, but there's at least 5 or 6cm of clearance around all sides. I have turned it on an angle, to ensure that the rear fans expel the air into clear open space.

I first noticed the issue when I had to re-boot his PC after I had installed an app after he had been playing games on it, and it came up with a warning about the CPU overheating when the MSI boot-up image/screen was displayed.

His cousin also got an almost identical PC for Christmas, also from AWD-IT. It uses the same CiT Raider case and MSI B550M Bazooka motherboard, but with a 3600 CPU instead of a 3600X. He was also getting messages about the CPU overheating.
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