Norn Iron

    so ....... recently and being shafted over in deals cause I live here, I missed out on the Argos/homebase TV rang them up and everything no dice. Then the new handspree 37in comes along and I cant buy it cause its massive postage of £50 pushes me well over my budget. Then just this pass week went into derry pc world for the 2 xbox games for £60. They dont do that there absoulet rage
    ah well at least we are better than england at football :P /rant


    /me picks the teddy up and puts it back into jOe's pram. :giggle:

    To be fair you have Smythes (I think that's what it's called) that done the trade in 2 games worth £8 or more for a brand spanking new one

    I thought this was going to be a topic about shirts you can buy that after you have washed and dried them, you could put straight back onto the hanger........

    nah lol its the way you say northern ireland at times that sounds like Norn Iron lol well i've found it is with my Derry accent lol

    Yup it sucks. The annoying thing is Royal Mail don't charge you extra if you are sending something to here from say England. So why can't retailers just use Royal Mail for Northern Ireland deliveries?

    It's not like they will lose anything cos we pay the postage!

    @j0e, the Newtonabbey PC world does the 2 for £60, i went halfers with my mate who works there so we both got COD4 for £27 (10% staff discount) :thumbsup:

    ...but if you are heading to the Derry one, i'm guessing your not close to it.
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