Norovirus & Travel, please help

Has anyone else been inflicted with the winter vomiting bug, did anything help, and how long did it take to pass?

I have a huge problem, I have had it for 72 hours now after the husband kindly infected me (he had it for 48 hours and is absolutely fine now). I am still having a lot of "symptoms" (politest way I could put it), my body feels like its been smushed (lots of aches and pains and my bones are killing me) stomach cramps, pain etc.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to London. We are self employed and like many small retail businesses (or even big ones) times are really hard. We can rely on a few big sales to get us through the next few months. I have arranged a sale in London tomorrow - it has been arranged for months. When I suggested I might be too ill to travel and my husband would come alone I was told that I was clearly not committed to the consumer and they would be pulling out if I couldn't show a bit of dedication.

I am still feeling like absolute crap but they are insisting that tomorrow (4 days after start of symptoms) I should have had the 48 hours of sickness + 2 days of contagiousness over with and be fine and are talking of backing out because of my lack of committment as there are no other dates they are in London to reschedule.

So I need to travel 3 hours on the train to London tomorrow, as well as an hour on the underground where there are no bathrooms, and I am absolutely dreading it. Can anyone give me any hints/tips as to how to quell the symptoms just for a few hours? I am pretty weak, can't keep fluids down let alone solids and just getting out of bed makes every muscle I have scream at me.

I know people might have a go at me because I'm travelling whilst I'm contagious but I'm taking a spray bottle of bleach solution with me and I will be as sanitary as absolutely possible but I really can't lose my business over the norovirus which it may come to if I lose a big sale. Perhaps if I throw up on them they'll give me extra points for "dedication". It seems ridiculous that having the norovirus could force us into bankruptcy.


I think it's time to call in the medical people on this!

Sorry i have no advice apart from the usual home doctoring:?

You should explain to them that you're ill and look to rearrange. I think they'll be even less pleased if you do go and infect them!

Can't you do a meeting over the phone? I'm sure BT / Virgin could set up a conference call even if you do that as an interim and then go and see the people a week or so later.

You'll feel a million times worse getting on trains and the tube when you're ill too. And the last thing you want to have to do is use the facilities on a train for anything more than a number 1!

mmmm i am going to say what many others will say. and that is you are selfish to take a contagious illness onto a busy and packed train and other public transport. bleach spray is ineffectice and to be honest who wants white marks on there expensive business suits!!!

stay at home!! if you can't work from home then you are just going to have to lose the money i'm afraid.

you are supposed to wait until 24 hours after sickness has passed to make sure it has passed. Norovirus is highly contagious and many of them people you will be travelling with will be in the same situation as you, so please don't be selfish and inflict it on others.

I'm sure an extra day at home is not going to bankrupt you!!! that does not happen overnight!! if you are in the situation then whats 1 day going to achieve that couldn't wait until the next!


i work for the ambulance service

unfortunatly it varies between individuals as to how long the symptoms last and only advice really is plenty of rest and fluids and avoid going into crowds!

and the advice is not to go out and about for 48 hours AFTER the symptoms have dissapeared cause you will still be infectious and the norovirus is easily spread.

So really you are better of not going if theres anyway to get out of it

If there is no way that you can change the meeting then you have no other option but to travel.
Your responsibility is towards yours and your family's future.

I was afflicted with this last winter and it took me 7 days to get over it. My brother was infected just before Christmas and mostly ruined his festivities. Luckily we are fairly young and in good health, infecting those that are frail or in poor health could prove lethal!

So what happened???
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