Northern Lights Holiday?

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I am looking for a cheap (if possible) holiday to wherever it is you go to see the northern lights! It would have to be in the week of Feb 6th going from preferably Doncaster/Humberside/Leeds Bradford or if the price is cheap enough then any other airport?! Anyway, for 2 adults and 1 child (aged 4)

    Thanks in advance!


    I saw a TV programme with a long weekend to Iceland, cheap flights etc but the trips can be expensive.

    iceland cheep flights [email protected]
    acommodation hostel
    Northern lights trip £90 half price child by coach with cheapest tour company which is greyline ive just come back It's not the cheapest place drinks bottle water £5-7 meal £15-20 etc
    We got two cones of chips and 2 drinks at lunchtime cost £42 + hotdog stall £4-5 for a sausage best hot dogs you will ever taste...
    Think you may have to look for next year and book flights as soon as they come out we did for this year as you are looking at schools holidays too... you cannot do Iceland on a budget personally

    Iceland must be one of the most expensive places on earth!!!
    You will be lucky to get a pint for £8 think best part of £100 for a basic meal.
    Trips out are also very very expensive.
    To cap it all you are not guaranteed to see the Northern Lights.
    Best advice I can give is rent a car so you can get to the sights without the premium and you can travel round to seek out the lights.
    Else try Northern Scotland a fantastic place to see or the Netherlands.

    I've been to Sweden/Finland twice in the last few years- once for 5 nights in December and once for 7 nights in March. These trips were with Transun, staying in the Arctic Star Hotel -…hts
    I had fantastic views of the Northern Lights during both trips. You can view photos for my 2013 and 2016 visits here -…ts/
    Nowhere in the Arctic is going to be cheap but Transun includes a number of activities which are normally 'extras', making their trips good value in my opinion.

    Depending on the weather you could just go north Scotland or the northern islands like Orkney.
    Would be a lot cheaper

    We went to Tromso in Norway a few years ago and were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights whilst on an organised tour (6pm til midnight...£100 per person) and whilst it was one of the most amazing sights i have ever seen the thing i remember most about the trip was going into the pub on arrival and being charged £27 for 3 pints of lager. We later spent over £60 on 2 take away pizza's and chips..


    Depending on the weather you could just go north Scotland or the northern … Depending on the weather you could just go north Scotland or the northern islands like Orkney.Would be a lot cheaper

    Whilst I agree with your comment about the cost, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights from northern Scotland are slim when compared to going north of the Arctic Circle. See this webpage -…st/
    Once the page has fully loaded, you will see that the green, auroral area regularly extends down the map to cover northern Sweden, Finland and Norway but rarely reaches northern Scotland.
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    I saw them from 30000 feet over the channel once. The pilot turned the cabin lights off. It was still hard to see through the grubby Windows. The captain then allowed me on the flight deck. A most amazing experience. Care of Debonair.

    My daughter has returned today from Iceland. Commented that it was incredibly expensive for everything and too cloudy to have any chance of seeing the Northern Lights. However, she did see and do lots of other amazing things over there.
    Tromso is the place to go to have a good chance of seeing the NL. It is a lot further north and above the Atlantic weather systems which bring cloud to Iceland. Another possibility is Finnish Lapland, the same destinations as used for the Santa Claus flights. I've been lucky to see the NL a few times and it is worth the effort.

    The further north you go, the better the chances of seeing them, and the more colours you will see.

    It isnt guaranteed though, it all depends on solar activity.

    Have a look here, as you can see, nowhere south of the extreme north of Norway has any hope right now.

    Currently KP1.67

    Iceland will need KP3, and Scotland KP6 for any chance of a viewing.

    KP explained here
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    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice everyone, seems it will take a lot more planning than I originally thought!

    Get to Stockholm and then from there you can fly to Lapland (Gallivare or Kiruna for example). Check out my previous Northern Lights deals, it may give you some inspiration.
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