norton internet security 2009

    hi,looking for any codes that can be used on norton's website before i upgrade to latest version.they are qouting £49.99.
    or anyone knows any deals that are going about that would be great.
    thanks in advance


    There is plenty of free PC security software around so you should not need to pay for Norton.

    Dont think because it is free it is no good. Many companies give away their "home" version for free but still charge businesses, or they give away a free anti virus or firewall but charge for their full function suites.

    AVG or Avast anti virus are free for home use

    Zone Alarm firewall is also free for home use

    Adaware is free for finding malware / spyware

    WinPatrol is a great little free program for monitoring your PC and making sure nobody makes any changes or installs any programs without your say so.

    Original Poster

    ok thanks for that,need to upgrade in next few pc thro' dell via government scheme that come out about 3/4yrs ago.
    have used avg and avast in past,how do they compare to norton then,as i don't mind paying for a good product.

    seen this on littlewoods , kays etc from £24.99 - £29.99

    Dont buy Norton , there's a deal on this forum for Kaspersky at a very good discount .Kaspersky is miles better and does'nt want to take over your PC/laptop or hog resources .I've been using it for years now and it does a splendid job .

    I had Norton on my PC. Most IT posters on the forums & newsgroups advise to un-install as Norton takes up too much space on the HD. So I dumped Norton and used AGV & Zone Alarm. They are just as efficient and FREE!
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