Norwich v Sunderland - Carling Cup 2nd Round

    Anyone watching this?

    Cracking game so far. Norwich might be 1 behind but giving Sunderland a run for their money.

    Hope Norwich win, got a bet on that they do.


    You've put the mockers on it, lol! 3 nil now, hehe!

    Away Sunderland!!!

    I think your bet is done and dusted. lol

    Hope it was only a few quid.

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    I think your bet is done and dusted. lolHope it was only a few quid.

    £1 lol

    I wouldn't put much more faith in Norwich tbh.

    Just hope my Liverpool/Villa bet comes in.

    Did they just say 220-1 for Norwich to win now, oh dear! No more scrimmages for them then :-(

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    Haven't seen a outfield player have to take up the role of a keeper for ages.

    Pretty bad tackle and a well deserved red card I must say.
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