not a computer guy so need help

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Found 6th Feb
Im looking for a computer tower to hook up to my tv and play steam games with. I have no idea what to look for or specs but was hoping i could be pointed in the right direction by HUKD'ers. Also looking to spend under £400 (if thats possible).
thanks in advance


list the games u want to use that will help with what spec you need

Are you going to be using a PSVR with steam ?.

also how big do you want it to be? under the tv?

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looking to play Rainbow 6 Seige and Resident Evil 7 type be honest i have a laptop thats 5yrs old and thats as far as my computer knowledge goes. I recently started watching Jacksepticeye on youtube and want to play some of the games he reviews. i downloaded a basic game (raft) to try on my laptop but even that game wouldnt play on my old machine lol

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size does not matter because i have lots of area to put a tower. not be using VR i dont think.

keep an eye on these…538

It's gone back up in price now, but should go back down again

Best bet is buy a PS4 or PS4 Pro..
Just plug and play no real knowledge needed.
Personally in the PC arena I'd say you won't get far on that budget. But other HUKD members may know of a SSD featured 32GB RAM 4GB GFX UHD VR 10 Core setup within your budget..
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keep an eye on these … keep an eye on these's gone back up in price now, but should go back down again

It's only the i3 that seems to have gone up in price, the i5 1TB is still £349.99 and would be the best answer for OP.…-21
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Can get a half decent machine together now that Intel have the G4560 Processor out.

I can help you if you want. I just threw together a spare PC for the fun of it with one of those.

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i was just talking to a coworker and they said to just get parts and make a whole tower, its cheaper and more customised that way......still clueless haha

You will be struggling to get anything new for that price that will play the games you want at decent quality and FPS.

I put this build together for you but is just over £500:…WPs

This build is a good entry level PC.
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