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    So our little one was rejected from the one and only infants school we chose. We're looking to appeal it but the office has said he's 4th on the waiting list.

    Is an appeal likely to have any impact? The headteacher originally told us to only put this school down as our choice as it was guaranteed he would get in. He can't do anything about this now though.


    headteacher originally told us to only put this school down

    Shockingly poor advice to ensure he got his numbers up.…ion

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    Most of what your little one will turn out like is down to socialisation at home and your input, sadly no state school will change that part.

    Maybe look to move schools after 1st year? In the mean time, put in some serious work time and home and get the process of rewarding, learning instilled which is best thing they can carry though with them over the next 12 - 18 yrs of education.

    If the headteacher is giving you that information then thats a good indication this school is not good anyway.

    We appealed on one occasion and a couple of kids dropped out and went private so just try again maybe go to the school and talk to the head about it you never know as it's the best thing that happened to my girl but this was a top secondary school even david cameron & michael gove have their so we was v lucky. Infant school maybe not so Important but try nothing to lose.

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    sorry to hear this superfreddy, there is a thread in misc that may be of some help HERE

    Definitely appeal - i know a couple of parents who won their appeals.... u just need to b prepared. Also being 4th in waiting list isnt too bad if places dont get accepted you ll move up. All the best

    The headteacher originally told us to only put this school down as our … The headteacher originally told us to only put this school down as our choice as it was guaranteed he would get in.

    That's your first grounds of appeal. You were obviously misinformed of how the application process worked, and are now at a disadvantage compared to others due to their misinformation (Disadvantaged as you only put 1 choice and therefore had no backup preferences).

    I don't know the successful appeal rate - but this is certainly something to build a case from, initially.

    Then to fulfill an appeal criteria:
    Based on this appeal criteria: "it was unreasonable to refuse your application"

    It was unreasonable to refuse your application, based upon the information you were supplied with, by the headteacher. This information, whilst now obviously incorrect, seriously disadvantaged your child's chances of being successful in several potential school listings that you would have done, if you had known that their was no guarantee of being successful at your first school.

    Please do quote me in a few weeks on this thread if/when you win an appeal so I can smile

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    We appealed for our son to go to a different school to the one in the catchment area, we wanted him to go to the next one where his cousins were. We attended the hearing and while we were waiting we read a booklet that had been left on the table in the waiting room, it said we should have been sent a copy of the booklet so used this as part of our argument that we had been treated unfairly as we had not had the booklet and what other info had we missed out on. The Councillors had no argument and when we got the decision a couple of weeks later we had a place for him where we wanted My advice would be to read everything and anything you can lay your hands on and use it to your advantage if you can. Good Luck, hope it works out for you.
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