Not another request for an LCD recommendation??

Found 13th Feb 2009
As the title suggests, apologies in advance, but its been a monster week at work, and all I want to do this weekend is to go and buy a LCD and then veg out and play ps3 and indulge in some blu-ray action this weekend.

I have around 300 to 350 quid in my back pocket and would like the best spec and best recommended LCD i can get to watch SD TV, Play PS3, Hook up a laptop and watch Blu-ray.


EDIT - there was some crazy spelling and grammer in there! Sorted now!
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I bought the LE32A457 from Richer Sounds at the weekend.
Using it for the freeview and it is very good.
Also paid the £32 for the 5 year warranty.

No complaints.
Any others?? The joyous day is nearly upon us....
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