not for sale (xbox 360)

    hi all
    this is not for sale i was just wondering if you could give me an idea of how much i would get if i did sell it, as im not sure weather to.
    it is a pro version with the falcon chipset and HDMI, comes with hard drive and 3 wireless controllers, it is also modded with the latest 1.4 iextreme firmware has been tested and works on live. includes 10 fully patched games. and this is only about 10 weeks old and still has the reciept. i cant even see a scratch on it, must have been used 3 days before tv broke. all cables included, fully boxed with all the green and orange bags aswell. how much do you think it is worth??? thnx


    Should have been posted in the Misc section.

    By fully patched games do you mean games of the illegal nature? If so then you cant advertise them on here and i would class them as worthless as they have no resale value.

    But just for everything not including the games i would say £200 inc delivery.

    Moved to misc... if it's not for sale, why post in the for sale section ? :? :-D

    Original Poster Banned

    ive looked and it is not in the misc section???

    It is...


    ive looked and it is not in the misc section???

    This is the misc section.

    i'dd offer £200 if it all works OK and does have the non-MS firmware... as i may need it for *game testin* ;-) - that is if you did decide to sell it. i would imagine if its a-ok you may get more elsewhere but maybe not as there has been a price drop recently
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