Not getting free stuff in post

Found 8th Dec 2017
I used to get or I should say the wife used to get. Loads of free stuff online. (Never understood why the lack of stuff for men at. The time there was lot more online than the fairer half)
Anyway I'm signing up for stuff having confirmation emails but not a thing though the door?
I know you always got a few that was a con but it's very odd.
Unless my postman opens a shop selling my stuff I'm at a loss as to why.
Anyone else?
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It's just a way of getting your info the vast majority of the time.

"Never understood why the lack of stuff for men"

Because Women are far easier to get them to blow their money.

Hence 90% shop floor filled with women's tat and the bloke's at the back of the shop. 😁
Good point
You will find certain free stuff has limits on quantity etc so with 200000 people seeing it on Facebook Twitter and other social media those 20,000 samples soon go.
My good lady was after a certain mid/high end beauty advent calendar (not free)
Think it sold out in about 30 minutes leaving a social media backlash.. They then added another date they would make a few more available.. which lasted less than 5 minutes..
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True but I've had a few emails lately saying it will be with you in a week etc
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