Not Happy- Where do i go from here, advice pleaseeeee

    Hi all,
    You prob remember some time ago i told you id arranged a pamper day treat for my mother and myself ( sept 10th) the day was.
    Well i cant knock the day, it was truly amazing.
    The pics came out fabulous. Mum and myself purchased some pictures and were told delivery within 6 weeks. We went through company called New Id.Cardiff Branch.
    Anyway to cut long story short,The pictures have not arrived.Ive constantly telephoned over the last 2 weeks on a customer service number and NOONE has answered AT ALL!!
    Last week i telephoned the place we went to and was told they would email the customer service dept to ask them to contact me. NO ONE HAS!!
    So as im home off ill today i decided to chase this up( as its now 10weeks!)
    AGAIN noone answering the customer service number. SO again i telephoned the New Id company and was told * Customer Service are having trouble with there phones so i WILL get hold of them and tell them to contact you by 5pm today)

    SO being the type of person i am, i rang bt and YEP NO FAULT on that number!!!!! And as yet NOONE has called me. I really dont know where to go next.. I was thinking Trading Standards OR even WatchDog?
    Any advice will be appreciated as im beginning to seriously loose patience.Im thinking of travelling to the actual place again and not leaving till i get the pictures OR the money back!

    Many Thanks


    Sorry to hear that. Give consumers direct a ring, i have had loads of help from them lately and have only good things to say about them.


    Original Poster

    Thanks Hun, just rang them,
    Company is not a LTD company.
    Im putting a letter together recorded delivery to the company stating under the supply of goods n servises 1982 act
    sect14 they are in breech of this etc.
    Ive emailed them again as well. I could seriously scream! lol


    Company is not a LTD company.

    Hi PCN - Just an outsiders opinion on yer post - but I suspect you may not see your money or the piccies again! :-(

    Only other thing I can think of is that they have lost the sitting - and dont want to tell you!

    I really hope you get it sorted though!:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    your prob right,
    what worries me is the fact the customer services dept has not answered there phone ONCE to me inthe last 3 weekish. Makes me wonder how many other people is this happening too...
    I will go down to cardiff to the place we had the photo shoot and will not leave untill i get a refund or my pics.Im fuming,as all im looking for is an answer as to when my pics will be delivered! What kind of company has a customer service dept that does not answer there phones
    VERY suspicious!

    I hope you get it sorted, consumers direct have helped me loads lately and have even emailed letters to send to the company i am having problems with. Always best to back up phone calls with a letter sent by recorded delivery then you always have your proof of contact. If things need to be taken further, thats when consumers direct will inform trading standards :thumbsup:


    do a chargeback on your card- theyll quickly contact u then!


    Did you pay by credit card? If so contact you card company and tell them that you have not received the goods, they will investigate on your behalf, and refund the money.

    *oo just read the above post, think that may be the same thing*

    Original Poster

    i paid debit card so did my mum:(
    ive just spoken to a consumer rights program who deal with these type of issues.

    Looks like you have no other option but the small calims court, if no response. Don't let them get away with it...they rely on the fact that you will give up
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