Not paying ebay fees

Basically without going into all the details I have a bit of an issue with ebay with them saying I owe them fees for listed items. Now I have no problem with paying them but was just wondering what the worst they could do is. It's only £25 I owe them and their email to me says that my account will be restricted if I don't pay them. Is that the worst they could do or would it go further?

As I say, I'm going to pay but was wondering what the worst thing they could do is? The only reason it's a late payment is because they've tried twice to take it by DD but failed (dunno why cos I have two months worth of wages in there) so now they need me to pay it through their website.


they would probably get a debt collection agency involved or something.

They just stop you buying & place a "not a registered user" by your username. There must be a limit though, as I owe them £10 from Jan.....
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