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Found 27th Nov 2006
Need to make my spare bedroom into an office. At the moment is just has junk in it and a single bed.

Been looking around for desks and the best place I can find is Ikea, but it's 100 miles from me and really if I'm going there I need to rent a van as I buy loads of things.

PC World seem to have 2 desks in my local store, neither of what I'm looking for, other places seem to take an age to deliver. Argo seem ok until you realise your not getting the whole thing and have to buy seperates to make it up etc etc.

So, where can I get a half decent corner desk from? I don't mind a workstations as long as it doesnt have shelves underneath the desk, I hate not being able to get my leg's under the desk as if I'm sitting there, I'm sitting there for a long time.

Budget up to £1000.

Anyone got any ideas!? Rep waiting!

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Staples is a good bet (and local for me at least )


Good range under £100 too. Hope there's one local enough for you for this to be of use.

Original Poster

Never thought of staples. Just noticed, budget is not £1000! £100!!


hehehehe, even more of a bargin maybe ta for my first rep

Got to say though - Ikea is good quality stuff !!

I got a load of stuff from Argos, but it's crap compared to Ikea !

Try neat-ideas.com/ or viking-direct.co.uk/

Both are quite good & can deliver

Viking direct..and quidco

just been on the site grdesign and they have a furniture sale on at present so grab yourself a deal.

When PC World had those £5 flatpack corner desks I went and bought 3, 2 are still in the garage and 1 given to a m8, shame PC World stopped doing those.

i got a flat packed desk from argos its graet a steel type one put together in ten mins
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