Not sure if i made a big mistake when driving today :(

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Found 14th Sep 2008
Hi today i drove to the coast(gt yarmouth) and parked in a multi stor car park and when leaving it to go home i came to a set of traffic lights and i needed to turn right,i waited for the lights to go green then i turned right,not this is the big im stuck on,as you turn right it goes into 2 roads,the one to the right is for buses and the one on the left is for cars etc...i cant remember what lane i took and now im worried i will get a fine and points,it was a road that i was completly new to.can anyone help me here?what if i did go on to the bus lane/road?


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don't worry - worry if and when it happens!

Well as far as i know, that isnt classed as an excuse.

I think you'll be safe as long as it wasn't like a 10 mile road.

just make sure it doesn't happen again.

also, you may be OK as its a Sunday, I know some bus lanes that only operate mon-sat :thumbsup:

dont worry about it.

If you get a fine appeal on the terms it was not clearly sign posted. You would probably win the appeal.

aw bless dont worry ur lil head :~)

Was it nice in Yarmouth? I was there yesterday with the missus, we took a little drive to Lowestoft, yarmouth and then in to Norwich, thought it would be a great way to spend the day, lol

You should be fine (no poun intended) with that, there probably isnt a camera on the bus lane anyway, and like one of the people said above, you could appeal on the grounds of there not being good or clear enough signage.

Don't sweat it,



Bus lanes are always on the left, and don't usually operate on weekends

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this was like a fork in the road -right hand road-buses and the left cars etc

i read this bit here too…pdf

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You will probably be dragged to court then hung drawn and quartered :?

yeh thanks for the help!!!

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hey if your not going to give me any good advice can you not reply to this thread

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Anymore advice on this matter?maybe from somone who knows the great uarmouth area
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