not sure its a bargain but Sky + and virgin V+

    Have just been reading on another site that Sky is about to dump its £10 surcharge for having Sky + which would reduce my package to £15 a month. Also been thinking about HD and paid a visit to Virgin media and you can get their size M package with a phone for free and the V+ inc hdtv is an extra £15. Ok so i know its an extra box under the tv and you won't get Sky 1 hd etc but this seems like a good deal or maybe i'm missing something.
    sky £15
    virgin V+ £15


    Well if there to drop the £10 sky+ then whoo-hoo!

    I might be getting sky then!

    Yeah, if they drop the £10 then I'll be dropping movies. I hate what they have done with the movie package and I hardly watch a movie on there anymore - I've just been keeping it so I had 2 packages.

    ditto robovski!!!!!!!!!


    I phoned about the sky package at the weekend- it sounds really tempting except our exchange can't offer the Talk part yet- so we're going to wait til that's available in our area.

    If they drop the £10, I'll upgrade to Sky+...
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