Not sure which mobile to go for...

Found 16th Feb 2011
My t-mobile contract is up and I can upgrade/change my contract. I currently have a nokia 5800 and whilst it's a good phone, the sim only deal offered by t-mobile isn't so it makes just as much sense to go with a new contract, looking at some available it only works out slightly more.

Problem is I've no idea which mobile to go for. I'll probably stick with t-mobile even if I have to get a new number to get a good deal. O2 seem expensive for what you get, I don't want vodafone as the missus is on that and I want a different provider to provide more signal coverage (plus the vodafone signal is poo here), I wouldn't touch orange with a bargepole and I'm no interested in 3.

Looking at the phones, there's the nokia N8, samsung galaxy s or the HTC desire HD.

They all have their benefits and flaws, the N8 is one of the last symbian mobiles nokia will be putting out and is basically dead tech, the HTC has poor battery. The Samsung looks good but my missus had a really bad experience with the tocco which was a god awful phone, has kinda put me off samsungs TBH.

Any suggestions great fully appreciated.
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hi i have the galaxy s on t-mobile, good pice of kit, brilliant phone after tweaking and customising it, you could get good deal on it i was on combi 15 18 months when i upgraded last july i got £20 600 mins unltd texts and 3gb net for £20 admitedly i didnt upgrade directly through t-mobile, for the reason the upgrade deals are better going through a 3rd party and the phones unbranded and unlocked so gets updates quicker, unfortunatly i now have a branded handset galaxy s!
New htc phones coming out soon. You might want to wait to see what is available.
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