Not the Kitchen Sink...just the taps!

    I am looking for standard kitchen mixer taps (called Contract - dual inputs/separate taps) but with short levers for people with arthritis. I have found some online but they all have quite long levers which may be impractical in my mother's kitchen.

    Any ideas? Cheap as chips, mother still thinks prices should be in shillings!


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    Looked there...regular taps and monobloc with levers are relatively cheap but the ones I want are over £100.

    Thanks for the link though...

    Can you post a link or pic to the type you require.

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    Just found this...…715

    Might do the trick...but no Quidco and a delivery charge.

    Lidl have some good deals but they seem to only come up every 3 or 4 months. Haven't seen any there for a while so one may be due in the next few weeks. Worth watching for.

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    True...typically have the modern monobloc/single housing but will keep a lookout at the Aldi/Lidl/Netto flyers.
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