'Not to be sold separately' on game cover, can i trade in still at CEX?

Posted 18th Oct 2015
I have Uncharted Nathan Drake collection for PS4 that came with the bundle recently. I want to trade it in at CEX, but it has 'Not to be sold separately' on the cover. Do CEX care about this? Anyone had this before from a game and been rejected?
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they'll take it np



they'll take it np

Oh great thanks will try tomorrow
Went to my local cex last month with a bundled copy of killzone. Took it off my hands and you only need to look at the display boxes in the store. Quite a few NOT FOR RESALE covers.
not for resale is an industry term that carries on legal weight
for example you are allowed to sell multipack crisps as individual bags
i think there was a case regarding promo only records/CDs because the record label claimed they were lent for promotional purposes (and thus should not be sold on on eBay etc) but the judge ruled against them. this may have been in the US but pretty sure here legally you can also sell promo items
stores will have their own policy so nothing i've said is relevant to CEX specifically, however others have already answered that!
incidentally...you may have noticed books and records from the old days having deliberate markings (e.g. hole punched out or spine with a tiny incision). this was because of the racket known as the net book agreement which prevented books for being sold for less than their jacket price unless damaged - so they (retailers looking to sell for cheaper) had an industrial scale damaging operation in place to allow them to circumvent this!
probably can't be sold separately new, but pre-owned you can.
Cex will take it fine.
Thanks everyone, they took it fine to confirm Appreciate the responses!
I've bought games from them with bundle copy on the box so should be fine
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