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Found 5th Oct 2010
Looking to buy Ipad, but is worth all the Hype? Buying it for my husband. Not to sure whether it has windows 7!

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it doesnt have windows 7,or any windows on it at all

rofl windows 7

as with all apple products,you have a choice of two operating systems-golden delicious or coxs orange pippin...........

^^ not tried Gala beta yet then?


^^ not tried Gala beta yet then?

heard it was quite buggy

well.. seeing as MAC is PC's biggest market competitor I highly doubt it will ever have window 7, i think the ipad is a waste of money, the only gimmick is the touch screen, but it depends on the person, I personally think it's a big waste of money because it's impractical and at the price ipad is selling, I can get a laptop with reasonable spec or a desktop with very good spec, but obviously depends on your husband

im tossing up the idea of getting one too since ill be off to america in a couple weeks

the thing which i am concerned about personally is that the resolution and ram of it is pretty low compared to the iphone 4, so im tempted to hold out until the next version

the price is steep, but i tend to think that the lifetime of the ipad is good and long, just like my beloved macbook (the quality is.

note: i am not an apple fanboy, i use linux, osx, windows, solaris and aix every day

I am typing this on my iPad which is the best money i have spent in a long time! Actually there is a way you can use windows 7 on it if you want and I find it great to do work on however for most people it is perfect for browsing but ultimately watching videos

I've got an iPad and apart from the odd game, it's only uses are light browsing and watching the occasional film on it. I wouldn't have got one but the wife bought it for my birthday (I think it was more than £700 with the case).

It is a nice piece of kit but expensive and not exactly essential. Get him an iphone 4 instead. It will get far more use.
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