Note 8 or s8+ ?

Found 7th Oct 2017
Hi folks,

Having been with apple for over the past decade, i have decided to switch to android bu i am undecided between the note 8 and the s8+. They both look great but note 8 is just a bit expensive and the s8 has been out for 4-5 months. What do you guys think? Do you think the note 8 will go down in price like the s8 did before xmas?

Any advice appreciated!
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I have had the note 1 2 3 and 4. This time I got the s8+ as i want a big screen but I never used the pen. If you want a pen get the note, otherwise I would get the s8+
I don't use the spen much but I still went for the note 8. Main reason was the slightly better shape compared to the s8+ and the dual camera.

I don't regret my choice however there is quite a big difference in cost. If you can afford the extra go for the note 8.
Must admit I’ve had Samsung for last 8 years and this year got the 7+ ,I’ve had it for 3 months and the headphone jack missing is really starting to anoy me , I keep miss placing the daft dongle thing you get with it and I’ve just noticed you can’t blu tooth with the use of a downloaded app
Note 8 is slightly bigger has Dual-rear cameras and S Pen, 2GB more ram too.

Go with the Note.
Think i read the Note 8 is basically the S8 with a stylus.
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