NOTE: Be careful on when looking for a mobile phone contract

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Posted 27th Apr 2015
Hi HUKD community,

Checked 27/04/2015

While browsing the internet for a good contract deal on the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, I thought i'll check out as they are a comparison site, and found a deal from listed on uswitch.

But the next time I went to have a look it was £6 cheaper on the handset directly from the deal website ( then when I clicked on the referral link from uswitch.

So in short, it seems that third party websites/affiliates like uswitch have their very own standalone website within but with different prices compared to buying directly.

Have a look for yourself using the links below
Using link…ov/
deal number 5

Direct link…rx/
deal number 5

Also here's the uswitch affiliate link for the deal…n=5

And deal link…ry/

As you can see there is a difference of £6 in the handset on all deals, its not only the iPhone 6 Plus but the whole affiliate website is priced different which means if you purchase directly from you'll save some money.

Please spread this message so other people are not duped into paying more than they need to.

And please make sure to have a look around before committing to a contract.

Thank you
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