Nothing to do with money, but look at this!


    Right who's got some money so we can hire the park for some ridiculous idea?

    What a joke, i'm a muslim but thats just stupid. Why cant muslims go on any other day, nothing wrong with that, their is already one or two places to eat halal their anyway.

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    Its apparently so muslims can intergrate? The wedding that is mentioned is allowed to go, the organisers have let them, but they will not be allowed to celebrate with any music, alcohol or gambling. They would also be required to dress as a traditional muslim would. Also, that means, that for instance, the bride and groom could not go on a ride together, they would be required to ride seperately, i.e. the bride with women and the groom with men. Not together.

    It just gripes me really. If white british people said 'you can only come to this function if you take off your hijab and dress in Levi's and a T-Shirt there would be pure outcry!

    Oh jeez, its one of them weddings i see, i've been to plenty of weddings most notably my sisters last month where i had a time of my life, and we didnt seperate the genders. I dont get it, some muslims can be a bit too 'islamic' if you get me, my family are quite liberal but still have our muslim views. Thats just a silly idea/day out.

    If the Sun hired it and tried to hold a "Christians Only" day there'd probably be a bit of trouble.


    If the Sun hired it and tried to hold a "Christians Only" day there'd … If the Sun hired it and tried to hold a "Christians Only" day there'd probably be a bit of trouble.

    well said ducky

    I am a Christian and have great admiration for Islam. Envy their commitment to Prayers and God centered life; esp. when I struggle to cope with just once-a-week Sunday mass.

    With all these recent troubles what we need is a [COLOR=darkred]Christian (& other relig.) friends of Islam[/COLOR] day. IMHO, these kind of ill-conceived ideas will promote only disharmony

    Sadly this kind of thing only tends to promote racism. In this country we seem to have to tipy toe around all religions and cultures and are frowned upon as "racist" if we celebrate anything to do with our own culture. This kind of segregated "Fun Day" only serves to throw us back a few decades into the dark ages.Who's betting Alton Towers gave a humongous discount too ? :roll:

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=blue]What are they doing. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=blue] segregation segregation segregation.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=blue] Did we not get rid of this years ago, should we bring it back, does it work, i don't think so Surely this is a form or racism.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    apparently the park is available for anyone to hire for the day

    i'm sure the KKK never get a chance to go out in their lovely white robes...

    do you think alton towers would refuse them?
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