Notifications broken?

Posted 26th Oct
I've already posted in feed back but I thought I would post here too since it's more active
Is anyone else not getting alerts or notifications?, I've tried the usual log in and out even uninstalled and re installed and still no joy
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Do you have all your notifications settings correctly set here:…ngs
Yes all set up no joy
Are we talking desktop or mobile?
Mobile and I have all notifications enabled in settings on phone nothing has changed except I used to get them and now I don't
Are the notifications you want for keywords you've added, perhaps there's just been no deals or do you mean the numbers on the bell icon ?
Both and there's been deals
TR1GG26/10/2019 18:19

Both and there's been deals

So how do you know when I or anyone else has commented in your thread
I got a email for comment and I've been manually checking deals and threads
try logging in via a browser on your phone, and maybe requesting "desktop version"
It was broken for me temporarily but all is back to normal now on the app
Are your notification settings like mine
I can't see how that would help me get notifications working again on my phone? :/
esar26/10/2019 20:28

Are your notification settings like mine[Image]

Yes like yours
delete all cookies on mobile and desktop for hukd, log out of both, then try logging in on one platform only
Does the hduk app rely on cookies?
TR1GG26/10/2019 20:53

Does the hduk app rely on cookies?

no, but cookies in the browser could be over riding the apps settings
Ah I get ya
For some blooming reason im suddenly getting a ton of "alerts" now
Well I'm still getting none
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