Nottingham Forest V Derby County *Spoilers*

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    KO 19.45


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    I think it will Be 2-1 to the REDS.

    I'm getting a little nervous to be honest. I don't ever recall once being optimistic about playing the sheep and I never make predictions when it comes to this tie. Lily Savage is banned, but Commons could come back to haunt us.

    we love you Leicester....we do....

    yes,we're going to spoil your home
    2-3 to the super Rams.:p;)X)


    Derby have had a dreadful December so far. I spoke to my mate last night who plays for Derby and he insists that they still believe a play off place is realistic.

    Derby County!

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    Anyone know if or where i can watch this online?


    yes,we're going to spoil your home to the super Rams.:p;)X)


    Derby County!

    oh dear

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    Derby, WHO ARE YA, 5-2 get in
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